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Thank you for your interest in  ITx Updater .

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ITx XP upDater [XP32bit]

[v. 10.12.01] -  December 06, 2010



Author : oneless

Written in autoIT v.3


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First at all , this is the single page on this site translated into English.


PURPOSE [ITx XP32 updater]

Check and install from [mine, yours , other] web and/or ftp all critical + optional hotfixes on a XP 32bit or SEVEN 32/64bit  SP3 + lastest MediaPlayer + latest Internet Explorer,  based  installation.

At least here will be available only on ftp, some small to medium size applications [adobe reader, nero, k-lite, powerdvd…] as basic or miscellaneous categories.



I just want to show you my way , so , you will can download and install simply from your web/ftp/CD … silent … quickly … from your location or directly from other location …

All files are for ENGLISH version of Windows XP 32 bits.


HOW I USE [ITx XP32 updater] in 4 simple steps.

- FIRST STEP - Check the status of hotfixes/addons/programs

- SECOND STEP Download the checked and uninstalled hotfixes/addons from web or/and ftp to harddisk.

- THIRD STEP install the hotfixes you want to, by group[s] or individually from harddisk.



- the program will check the status of your windows XP and give you a percent evaluation. a 100% evaluation means all installed.


- at start , [ITx updater] will check for a newer version at our site.

If will found a newer version , download and install buttons will be disabled, and this will be write instead of date of expiration.

But you can download the newer version. At least once per month , after second Tuesday of the month [Microsoft patch day] I will [probably] publish a new version here. An expired version will provide you less real information  and/or expired ones.



email me for ...



- will be a lot .

copyright : ©2008-2012 - IT EXPERT Craiova Romania

licence      : free for use and/or distribute

O.S.           : Windows XP Home/Professional

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